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Unigroup Inc., offers relocation and transportation services. The Company provides professional moving services, such as household goods moving, as well as loading, driving, uploading, destination, real estate, and temporary housing services. Unigroup also offers insurance coverage for movers and sells and leases moving vehicles.


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"No diversity is why I left. New VP brings in nothing but white guys."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The new CIO hired contractors that worked systematically on destroying self-organized teams. These contractors acted like their existence dependent on how many "issues" they can report and how many people they can fire. They where not interested in connecting with the teams or solving real issues. The people managers contributed with passivity. It did not matter how long you worked there or what you produced; if you made it onto their list they disposed you. The CIO help creating a cult, asks for a dialog and new ideas but understandably only few speak out."

Cargo Claims Specialist says

"As expected with the Transportation Industry, it is top heavy with male managers; defers to younger workers, salaries are not commensurate with position responsibility."

Current Employee - Information Technology says

"The people in charge don't know anything about IT and constantly demand it change directions. Usually spending millions to go one direction only for the next board or manager to contradict and go the opposite. In the end they get no where and have a hodgepodge of legacy programs that don't work well together and have spent more on half started projects then if they would have done one good one to completion from the beginning."

Former Employee - Move Coordinator says

"Terrible management. No communication. Shady closed door meetings. Overload of work. Understaffed. Impossible to get permanent position, always temporary."

Former Employee - Transportation Specialist says

"Management-hopefully you get a good manager, senior management is a joke, low salary, bad atmosphere, run down bulding"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No upward mobility, overly political, no work from home opportunities, Management is TERRIBLE (the worst I've ever encountered in my work career) Pay isn't substantial for benefits. Spend more time complaining about (attire in a casual dress environment) than actually motivating reps."

Current Employee - Transportation Specialist says

"Senior management is a joke and has no clue what to do. Poor overall outlook. Change is very slow here if at all. Make sure you choose somewhere else to work besides at Unigroup."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"ZERO advancement opportunities. Constant feeling that you can be laid off at any moment"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lacks culture, value and teamwork"

Claims Specialist II (Current Employee) says

"They allow poor management that continue to treat employees poorly. Take your concerns to HR and the back stab you by telling the other department managers your are interviewing with that you have issues with current horrible cant read or correspond manager. Favoritism is beyond horrible."

Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"This work could have been fun and was great during my first six months. High management and employee turnover. Company tends to eliminate those who are over forty in favor of younger workers who do not stay long. If you aren't in the favorites clique, you will not move up nor are you able to move to different departments. Loyalty means nothing as they will terminate you if they need to help management. Salaries are low - one woman in my department was homeless and asked for a raise and was denied. Ultimately she was terminated. Since this is a transportation company, you will find the "typical males" in the upper and executive management roles and women filling the "typical female" type positions. I would not recommend this company to anyone and would not recommend using their moving services.Offered decent benefitsQuestionable management, low pay, little opportunity for upward mobility to minorities"

Intl./ Dom Freight Logistics (Former Employee) says

"Appreciating an employee or co-worker is just as important as achieving good customer service. The hardest part of job is to explain to customer why their expectation can not be met due to uncontrollable issue. The most enjoyable part of job was being successful in a very challenging situation or expectation from customer.Holiday Pay, Vacation &/or Comp days, Health Benefits, 401K, AdvancementLack of Health Benefits or advancement."

Relocation Management Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Too many managers, not enough worker bees. Don't believe in their open door policy, they will make sure to go cover up what really happened and make you go away. Pay is horrible, benefits ok."

operations (Former Employee) says

"Served in this organization for fifteen years. Diligence, loyalty and lots of overtime go unappreciated and unrewarded. Compensation is sub par and benefits are middle of the road.Management is politically motivated by Executive agenda to serve only the stockholders. Company mobilization of strategy and growth goals are sluggish due to staunch conservatism and penny pinching.Money matters here, employees do not and customers have a tendency to be one timers. The service speaks volumes about this company.lots of charity drives for the united waylots of charity drives for the united way"

Cargo Calims Adjuster II (Former Employee) says

"Friendly co-workers the claims department had a massive layoff. Must laid off had ten or more years with the company. The supervisors are unfair and play the blame game. The workload is very high and the pay sucks. This company was a great place to work ten years ago; Now the company is focused on increasing profits with as few adjusters as possible.The worst place ever to work!friendly co-workersworkload is very high and the pay sucks"

Cargo Claims Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Chances for advancement were few and far between and no regard was ever given to the employee’s overall well being. Employees were expected to tow the line and no concern was given to how an employee coped with the job at work or dealt with daily struggles."

Logistics Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Do not work here. Management is running it into the ground and they pay about the same as a fast food company with no bonuses or raises, even for forced "promotions"NoneManagement, pay, job security"

Administrative Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Do not work here. I had a temp to hire position here and the bottom line is they do not support their employees; everyone has been there for 100 years and no changes are taking place. Everyone is stuck on 33 rpm. Very outdated and very political. I can see this company closing their doors within the next 5 years. No mentoring whatsoever, a very outdated work environment and salary is a joke."

Financial Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Micromanagement is widespread across the company. Hard work is not appreciated, bad management is thriving, favoritism and toxic managers. High insurance premiums."

Relocation management specialist (Former Employee) says

"I worked in government transportation department for 2 yrs and hated it. Horrible management with no support, guilty till proven innocent mentality, high turnover, and lack of respect. There is absolutely no room for advancement unless you know someone. Politics runs the companyCafeteriaEverything else"

Customer Service Quality Assurance Lead (Former Employee) says

"I liked supporting my fellow service members especially in a customer service/support role. The job ended abruptly when the company lost 1/3 of their summer move business in one day due to poor performance."

Logistician (Current Employee) says

"Most of the people working here are affable and kind; I have never had an issue with a co worker or direct supervisor during my tenure here. However, senior management can be infuriating at this company. The SOP for most projects involves a fair degree of mind reading and guess work; most senior officials are unsure about what they want and how they would like it presented. In some embarrassing cases, officials do not have the literacy required to relay complicated assignments, even if they know what needs to be done. Be prepared for revisions. The best thing about my job is the freedom. I frequently have multiple hours a day during which I can pursue my business related interests, unfettered by specific demands. The worst thing about the job is the prevailing sense of ambiguity in requests. It can be extraordinarily difficult to find out what people actually want here, even when the intended request is extremely simple. Woe to anyone who is a literal person by nature. Additionally, the starting pay is below (~ 10k) what one could reasonably expect for similar duties, elsewhere.Competent Staff, Reasonable WorkloadConfounding Senior Management, Uninspired Pay"

Transportation Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Daily procedures were very time consuming. A lot of phone and computer work was required. Management was ok. Hardest part was finding enough time. Most enjoyable were the people I worked with at my level.People I worked with at my level. Pay and time off.No advancement. To much outside interest."

Accounts Payable Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Before I get to work in the mornings, I prepare myself on what I plan to get accomplished on any given day. My duties are to enter invoices that are received on a daily basis, into our accounting program within five business days of receipt. I am able to complete my invoice entry and other related client information within eight hours. I learned to be a team player Assist those who needed extra training as training was part of my job description. I gained excellent customer rapport with my clients within the company. I have had various supervisors throughout my time at Unigroup. Some really great supervisors and some that needed assistance, but in the end, the deadlines were always being met. The hardest part of the job is advising someone they did someone wrong on entry and having to deal with their comments back to me, if they take it offensively. The best part of the job and my co-workers are two of the same; I've formed many friendships over the years and even though some left on their own to other adventures, we have remained good friends.Formed good friendships with co-workersMinimal bonuses for experience"

Internal ISO Auditor (Current Employee) says

"I work in Trans Advantage, and upper level management does not get along, they pick favorites based on who the biggest tattle tail is, and unless you are in the "club," you basically get disrespected. I've stayed because the PTO is good, and it's close to home.Two GymsPay, Management, Poor working environment"

Claims Adjuster II (Current Employee) says

"It was tough working in this school district because of the environment. The support that I received from the teachers was outstanding though. I could go to any teacher with any question and I knew that I would be getting an answer.Fun interacting with kids and other teachersTough school environment"

Domestic and International Claims Adjuster (Former Employee) says

"Great with contributing to continuing educationWork Atmosphere was relaxingFitness Center and Nutritionist handy at the officeThe most enjoyable part of the job was helping others solve their problems and presenting research to upper management"

Contractor (Owner/Operator) says

"As a former contractor, I experienced a lack of support when trying to live up to corporate expectations. During the busy season (summer), the labor was horrible, and that presented a problem with quality control. Often times, I'd come to find that a shuttle was necessary, which should have been determined by the designated agent. They were also deceitful when posting big line hauls, that shouldn't have included an escrow amount. Then, there were the claims! No matter how good I wrote my descriptive inventory, and handled the customers goods, the corporate account customers were always right when it came to a scratch or a ding. Of course, that ruins a driver's performance record, and eventually you lose the opportunity to haul good loads. I know this sounds like a lot of griping, and other large moving companies are probably the same way. Nevertheless, I brought these matters directly to Unigroup executives, and I suggested how they might fix those problems, but each time I did, I got no response, except for some sympathetic head shakes and shoulder shrugs. There's an old saying; "don't defficate where you eat," and that is my final suggestion to Unigroup, Inc.Sharing stories with people, and traveling throughout the land.A lack of respect from colleagues, and unpleasant surprises on settlement statements."

Agent Products Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Benefits are ok if you do not have to insure anyone other than yourself; management is bi-polar; the organization as a whole is falling apart; pay was good, benefits are better than most but once again only if insuring only yourself."

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